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July 10, 2013

Meanwhile, a few pounds later, I finally got out for a jog. That was today. I’m not counting my five mile attempt a few days ago. That’s because I had chosen the hottest day ever to carry my carcass around the blueberry loop. It took a long, long time.

3 miles today in cooler weather. It felt good. Goal is to slowly get back into shape and stay injury free. If I attain those two things, I should be able to lose the amazing amount of weight I have collected. I should be hibernating.

Lisa & I moved to Machias. The commute is, oh, an hour less – which makes the drive, oh, about 5 minutes. Amazing the amount of stuff I can get done.

And in closing, here is a photo of Whitey Bulger and a rock that’s shaped like a foot.



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  1. Hey, if you guys are getting cooler weather, maybe we will as well in a couple of days

  2. Eric permalink

    New home,new start to training! I’ve done that loop years ago when my in-laws used to live next to Dr. Dore(I think) the dentist. God Bless– look forward to reading your blog again!

  3. Mark permalink

    Andres, it’s good to see you have returned and best of luck staying injury free. I’ve been there myself. The pounds will shed fast, just don’t think about it so much and regulate the diet is what just worked for me.

    Are you targeting a Fall Marathon?

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