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Where the warning clap falls on deaf hands

October 16, 2012

A hard rain is closely related to the color of dark. So much so the black is pitch. Naturally, this means no music.

Running briskly in the tempest I could hear, but could not see, the snorting deer just ahead. It was the kind of sound a deer makes while running with a rabbit in its mouth. I brought my hands together to send the warning clap and all I got was a muffled “Thwap”.

I forgot I was wearing gloves.

4 miles.


From → Running

  1. favoritest blog entry ever.

  2. Eric permalink

    With all the apple trees in Eastport there are always plenty of deer. The mornings here are also very dark. I think this is my favorite time of the year to train. God Bless you Andy.

  3. Trevor permalink

    Unfortunately for me, I don’t believe I am capable of writing like you. Or running like you. I think I could hold my own if we were competing in useless hockey trivia from the 1990’s.

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