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Merry motorcycling

September 5, 2012

Took four days off to go motorcycling with Lisa. We had a lovely time exploring Vermont and all points in between.


On Saturday we left early and I didn’t feel like getting up even earlier to get a run in. Particularly since day one of a motorcycle trip is generally the longest. We did end up napping next to a river on the way though.


We made it to Middlebury, VT about supper time and ready for a good night’s sleep.

The next day we played tourist. Walked about town and saw the sights.




Then we headed up to Waterbury to get some ice cream. I had Chocolate Therapy and Lisa Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz.


On Monday we headed east stopping at quilt shops and another nap by a lake. We arrived in Portland around supper time again. We didn’t win the instant prize in our welcome envelope but we’ll send in our photo for the “other chance to win”. Why not?


Tuesday was the final leg home with multiple coffee stops. A little rain but nothing bad.


Ended the trip with just over 1000 miles. A good time!


Got out tonight for a run. Schedule was for 90 minutes which was about 10.5 miles. Felt good after the few days rest.


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  1. The running I get. The motorbike I get. The playing tourist I get.

    The multiple quilt shops?

    Is there something you’re not telling us?

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