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The pleasant pheasant and the wayward wooly

August 31, 2012

Tonight I saw a pheasant and a wooly caterpillar. So naturally I pondered these things for the rest of the run.

I came upon the pheasant first. He was in some high grass, fooling around, at about mile one. He was a cute pheasant as far as pheasants go.

The pheasant reminded me of our chickens that like to get out of their pen and play in the neighbor’s yard. Each night after work I round them up. Here are our youngest daughters describing today’s escape:


As for the wooly… he was making tracks for better pastures and we almost collided. I had to leap the great leap.

I wondered what type of winter he was predicting. Lore says the longer the brown patch the milder the winter. But now I find that while this may be true, the wooly is really telling you about last winter. (More brown means he got started earlier). Old news I guess.

Today’s run was a double. 4 miles this morning, and 5.8 tonight.


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  1. Trevor M. permalink

    How can you tell when a pheasant is fooling around? I suppose if he were to act seriously, he would just lean against a tree for a while.

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