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August 27, 2012

I have been playing around with an iPhone app called MapMyRun. I have determined that the miles are short by 2.7%. I make the proper adjustment when I finish.

I noticed this right away running on familiar ground when the feedback about pace and distance came earlier than expected. With every successive mile I was further from my personal mile marker – so much so that on a 10 mile course that finished at home I couldn’t even see the house when the voice declared the distance. No matter. Now that I’m aware of the general deficit, I can still use it on unknown roads.

Today’s workout took me by surprise. The plan called for an hour twenty five and I’d thought it’d be nice to run 10. Turns out I ran 11.2. I’ll take it.

The run started off slowly with some overall tightness after a day’s work. Calves, legs, everything was tight. But things loosened up over time and I did the blueberry race course loop twice plus a little.

Feeling pretty wiped now and I’m looking forward to an easy crawl tomorrow.



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  1. 2.3% is a massive diffidence – it would be well over half a mile for a marathon. Wouldn’t it be worth getting a proper GPS watch (I know they are not accurate either, but better than the iPhone app)

  2. diffidence??? DIFFERENCE!!!!

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