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There’s Hope in Bangor, Maine

August 22, 2012

If you need a place to run.

Knew the schedule would have me waiting for Lisa’s meeting to end so I Googled “where to run in Bangor, ME”. Run the Planet had one entry and that’s all I needed. The graveyard at Mt. Hope was it.

Web said 1.3 mile paved perimeter loop so I knew there would be many circuits to tally up enough distance for the planned hour twenty.

Did the first loop but halfway around I noticed a Mt. Hope lite across the road. I added this part to the next three circuits and filled the time nicely.

In fact, in an effort to thwart boredom I reversed direction each time I arrived back at the car. It ended up feeling like 2 out & backs instead of 4 loops.

Course was hilly in a golf course sort of way. Place was quiet. Nobody hearse-ing around.

Estimating 8.8.



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  1. My wife is from Brewer, so we’re up there quite a bit to visit her folks. I’ve devised quite a few routes, one of which goes by Stephen King’s house. Let me know if you’re in the area next and would like some suggestions!

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