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Blueberry Run 5 Mile Race Report

August 18, 2012

Ran the annual Blueberry 5 Mile Race in Machias this morning. I haven’t raced in quite a while and it felt good to toe the line again.

Got into this race to complete a team roster for a friend (Team Bog Lake). Off of 3 weeks of low mileage running I did better than I expected – 33:57. Good for 11th place and 5th in my age group (18-45). I know… what happened to 40-45?? I’m wondering myself. Not that it would have done any good. I would have been 3rd in that age group.

Life was stacked against me for this start. Lisa and I had to drive 4 hrs Friday evening to pick up the girls from camp. 4 hrs back to Eastport and we arrived home going on 1AM. 5:45 alarm and on the road for the hour drive to Machias at 6:30 made for a short sleep.

But I felt well enough and was happy to be there. The plan was to run “fast” but not cross the line to a pace disaster. Did ok. The course is down for the first mile, up for the 2nd, down for 3 and then rolls to the finish.

I crossed mile 1 in 6:29 and pretty much held my position to the end. Felt very constrained and a little shy about pressing any harder. I was feeling the pace in my legs (and lack of training).

The final average was 6:48 so I must have slowed on the hills.

Overall very glad I signed up. Hope to repeat this often as I build up the miles and finally enter the marathon training phase.

My target race is next June and I hope to pace the training to match. This involves a rather slow build up to training mileage then a lengthy training phase to accommodate my older bones.



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  1. Awesome! Really glad to see you racing again, even if you weren’t thrilled with today’s result. Nice stepping stone despite the lack of sleep.

  2. Great to see you racing again. And there’s still room for improvement 😉

  3. nice to see you back on the racing scene

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