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This mile brought to you by General Motors

February 11, 2012

Daylight can brings things to your notice.  A normally darkened route becomes fresh and new with a little sunlight.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to sleep in a little and ran the 2nd half in the light.  And this allowed me to notice that someone had stuck a plastic GMC decal on the telephone pole that marks the two-mile boundary from the house.

The two-mile boundary is important.  Psychologically, I can hold a tough a pace past this point to the finish.  It’s a little early in training to invoke the “2-mile bubble”, as I call it, but nevertheless it triggers something everytime I pass this point.  Yesterday as I jogged my way to an easy finish I saw the decal.  And for the next mile my mind played word games with it.

I’ve heard there are recent videos out there extolling the virtues of “stuff runners say”.  A more revealing entrant would be one on “stuff runners think about”.  Madness.


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  1. There has been a lot of Zen running going on lately. Sounds like you had the same.

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