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Thoughts on the insulating effect of somnolence

February 2, 2012

It stands to reason that the early morning workout is begun in a state of high drowsy.  At some point, the dozy drops and one discovers oneself mid-stride on some frozen causeway on the coast of Maine.  It can happen to anyone.

Fast forward to the mid-morning walk to the car in the office building parking lot.  For that item that I always seem to leave in the car.  As I crossed the few yards of asphalt it occured to me that it was really cold.  And my next thought was, “I wouldn’t want to run in this…”.

Therefore it is possible to conclude that a stuporous start has an insulating effect.  Extrapolating, it is possible this same phenomenon makes a runner feel waterproof too.

6.5 miles.



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  1. Happened me this morning too – except for the frozen causeway in Maine bit. I think you’re onto something though as I had the same thought going to work.

  2. “It can happen to anyone.” YOU could be next!

    I am impressed with anyone who can run in early mornings. Kickass.

  3. Interesting take. I always feel ahead of time that my somnolence is going to make me feel the cold more acutely. But I think you are right. Actually stepping onto the road half asleep is much easier than wide awake. But thinking about stepping onto the road when still lying in a nice warm bed is much, much harder.

  4. That was poetic and introspective. So glad you’re blogging (and running) regularly again.

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