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More consistent than the weather

January 18, 2012

From -15F to 43F in the span of a few days, the weather here is a gamble.  Today’s 6.5 was in a drippy 43 degree morning.

Unlike the weather, my running so far into the 6th week has remained consistent and on track.  Not hard to do in one respect – the mileage is low and no paces are required above easy.

The weather changes again for me at the end of the week.  I’ll be running my workout out on a beach in Florida for a couple of days.  That is going to be nice.

New article on the sidebar about Kenya preparing their picks for their Olympic marathon teams.  The article mentions that they had 150 men and 50 women qualify under the IAAF ‘A’ standards of 2:15:00 & 2:37:00 respectively – making their decision difficult.  The United States had 21 men and 27 women meet those times during the qualifying window.


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  1. Trevor M. permalink

    Enjoy the warmth of Florida! I liked the article from your sidebar. You may have seen the one below already, but it also speaks to the dominance of Kenyans. Of the top 50 marathon times in 2011, all but nine were from Kenyans, and only two were from North or South America.

  2. Sounds good. You’ll be enjoying Aussie-style weather — 15C min to low 30s max most days. Perfect for running 🙂 Yes, saw that article. Lucky the Olympics is a maximum of 3 runners per country. Makes it easier than winning a medal at the World CC Champs.

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