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It’s a long road to a long run

January 9, 2012

Today marks the beginning of week number five of fifteen.  The focus being the completion of the general preparation phase that builds the mileage into the triple digits – ripening the body for training.  I’m feeling fitter but not faster.  I look forward to the workouts but I must admit, the length is lackadaisical.  All for my own good, I know.

I am pleased with the last four weeks.  The purpose is to bring the body back into regular running without mishap.

Week 1     Week 2     Week 3     Week 4

Miles   27.2         23.7           34               36.7

Avg T   28F          22.2F        27F             22.4F

Wt        162           162.6         162.6         159.7

Pace     9:34         9:16          9:15            9:35

So far we are meeting the stated purpose.  Previously, I’ve done the build up the *other* way.  Early ramp, immediate improvement, subsequent fall off of the cliff.  Much more exciting and better blog posts, but… alas, not conducive to good outcomes.  Too bad really.

Six miles today.  Typical run.  Finished feeling better than the watch said I did.


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  1. Trevor M. permalink

    Doing very well Andrew. The progression to triple-digit mile weeks looks scary, but I believe you can get there consistently. I like the link to articles you have included in your sidebar too.

  2. Steady as she goes. Your plan is a smart one. 100 miles by March is pretty sweet! Not that far off, and time flies like the wind (but fruit flies like bananas).

  3. That’s a challenging looking climb up that graph Andrew – and you said you weren’t the best with hills ;). I might just follow you as I have a 39.3 mile ultra in April.

  4. Sully permalink

    This is an interesting training method… I am just trying to get a few days (3-4) in a week and hitting pool and bike on off days. I’m curious to see how it will compare to what you are doing. I never plan to be doing 100+ miles a week. i think an effective program can be with far less mileage. (plus I wouldn’t know where to find the time to do so many miles). That said, I’m certainly looking to see how you do.

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