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Inclined to incline

January 4, 2012

Unlike some people, I’m not a natural to hills.  I find them useful for training and I like it when they don’t bother me so much – but in general a flat smooth surface is a preferable route.  However, I recognize that they are about, here and there, and therefore must be trained on in order to succeed.  My program calls for a workout later on in the year named “continuous hill – 6km”.  No serious grade is required but the object of the workout is to combine strength resistence with aerobic resistence.

And I scratched this proposed workout off the sheet.

Why?  Because I didn’t think I there was a continuous hill, of any grade, that climbed for more than a mile at most around here.  So I was surprised to discover a 5km+ hill only a short drive from home.  It is nestled on the recreational rail to trail system in Pembroke.  Lisa and I walked there for two hours on Monday and it was uphill for over three miles.  It was still climbing when we turned back.  The grade is fairly easy, but there was no doubt it was a continuous hill.  I am looking forward to trying this out.


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  1. Ha ha, thanks for the nod. But Andrew, hills make you STRONG! 🙂

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