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Over the 21 day threshold

January 2, 2012

It takes 21 days to make a habit – which is why the completion of week 3 of the training program is a point of interest.

I am in the 15 week General Preparation phase of a multi-month training program.  The purpose of each run in this phase is to condition the body, aerobically and structurally, to be able to withstand the Fundamental training phase that follows.  Due to a lengthy layoff of full training, I am being conservative with my build up – starting from a fairly low mileage.

The basic formula is a 10% increase in mileage per week following the same percentage of the week’s mileage per day that Lydiard recommends.  For example, when Lydiard recommends a daily mileage breakdown of 15/10/15/12/18/10/22 (Mon – Sun) for his aerobic conditioning phase, this translates into 14.7% / 9.8% / 14.7% / 11.8% / 17.6% / 9.8% / 21.6% of the week’s mileage per day (Mon – Sun).  So I am following suit beginning with ~26.85 miles for the first week – broken down according to the percentages above.  Increase the weekly mileage goal by 10% and break it down into portions again… and so forth.  It appears to be working.  I am feeling fresh after the run each day and the increases do not seem to be having an effect at all.  So far so good.

I’ve decided to race the Maine Marathon on September 30th.  This fits nicely into my program.  Completing the build up general preparation phase around March 25th, part one of the fundamental phase around May 20th, part two around July 29th and then the marathon specific phase around September 16th.

Today: 5.5 miles

I am putting the final touches on the Fundamental portion of the program.


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