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Well I guess that is that.

December 27, 2011

The 30’s were silently swept away with the end of yet another low mileage, non-event, plan directed run.  Goodbye open.

This build up is long and quiet.  Its dead winter time slot mirrors the mood.  Weather, surfaces, and paces are immaterial to its completion.  The third week and I feel the longing to run farther.  I am holding back the temptation.

I tasted potential, executed a percentage.  Peaked early and crashed often.  Slipped reaching for the next rung.

Now wisdom and patience.  May God grant them.


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  1. Sully permalink

    Hey Andy, Were you always this philosophical? I attempted my first marathon last year. Came through the first half fast (too fast) and second half saw me crawl in. I’m not sure my body has yet to recover with all the odd aches and pains I’ve since had… that said, slow and steady wins the race. I’m slowly going to build my way back to race pace. Hopefully the bike and the pool will get my fitness level going so the rest of my running weary body has time to recover fully and properly.

    All the best with your training and I’ll be checking in periodically. Perhaps I should start a blog as well… Regards, Sully

  2. Yes, a blog is great to log some thoughts on training etc… Go to it. Great on the marathon. You’re experience is like many of mine.

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