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Rest Days Take Themselves

December 26, 2011

The plan has no scheduled rest.  But life has a way of providing rest days.  Some rest days are rest days you don’t want.  Others are so magically convenient that you couldn’t have planned it better.

Yesterday was a convenient rest day.  Starting up a new consistent program means little attention to the rest part of the equation and more attention to the workouts.  But Christmas was the perfect day to take off.  The morning running slot was taking up with opening gifts and then the rest of the day was left entirely to chance.  As it turned out, there was so much visiting going on, a run didn’t even cross my mind – much.

But as I jogged through today’s five miles, in broad daylight, near noontime, I thought of how easy it is to leave oneself open to the errant rest day.  The one you didn’t mean to take off – if only you had run when you knew you had the time.

So far a couple of close calls… I’ll sleep in and plan on getting in the run later.  Only to find it very difficult to break away from whatever else is happening.  The workouts may have gotten done, but the feeling like I’m only the recipient of good luck is driving the lesson home.  A good defensive measure is to keep the run in its preplanned time slot.

Then I got to thinking about upcoming magically convenient rest days that are bound to occur.  And one week in particular has two of these possible days in it.  That may be a little much… and I’ll need to figure out a way to run (something) on one of those days.

Missing yesterday made my weekly mileage less than the week before.  No harm done in the great scheme, but I still didn’t like seeing such small numbers in the log.  I am literally sneaking up on fitness.  When I finally reach out and touch him, we’ll both be surprised.


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