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Morning mysteries

December 19, 2011

There is a common phrase often muttered or exclaimed that goes something like: “Oh, I knew that!”.  Its use often accompanies the illumination of some minor mystery that, once revealed, was embarrassingly obvious.

Add in short term memory issues, pre-dawn darkness, and five hours of sleep and the mysteries to be illumined during the morning run are downright idiotic.

This morning as I ran past my parents’ home, I saw a very large deer with an amazing set of antlers standing stock still in their yard.  It was very impressive – almost regal looking.  Its chest was thrust out, head cocked royally to one side – like the king of deers surveying its kingdom.

It was their Christmas lawn decoration.  Which I’ve seen a thousand times.

4.5 miles.


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  1. Hi Andrew, glad to see your return. Don’t worry about the early-morning-idiocy. I find the brain needs to warm up just like the legs.

    Either that, or it’s old age.

  2. Don’t forget to water the Christmas tree.

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