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Seeing Spots

August 1, 2011

Almost bumped into to two spotted fawns this morning just as my run was ending.  Jogging down the hill toward the homestead, I didn’t see the two fawns standing on the side of the road.  I startled them – which in turn startled me.  But a pretty sight nonetheless as they bounded away.

Finished up last week with 35.5 miles and one rest day (yesterday).  Average pace a crawling 9:54.  Rest day worked a bit and I ran close to a 9 this morning with the same effort.  How far one falls during a layoff.

Today saw 7.5 miles on the schedule.  Went very nicely.

Dolly cooling her buns.


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One Comment
  1. Way to get back in the saddle Andy. It’s enjoyable reading your journal. I see a lot of animals–half alive and those that try to cross the road DEAD! Still been biking for the most part with an occasional run. God Bless!

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