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Landing Awake Five Minutes Late

When a plane lands in the early hours, it is common for its occupants to be jolted awake. This can also be true of the occupants of a bed hundreds of miles away. It depends alot on the landing gear – whether it is down or not. 

It might appear unrelated, but I awoke in my bed this morning because a plane was landing far away. I knew this because air traffic control told me so.   They mentioned it because of the landing gear. 

Not the landing gear of this plane. The one yesterday.  Pilots and people were worried – and I had turned on the live stream to listen in. 

I also *paused* this live stream when I was quite finished. But ho! My phone decided, on its own, to turn it back on this morning in lieu of my alarm. 

And thus five minutes. Because for three hundred long seconds all pilots were mute. Thankfully, somebody thought it best to mention he was inbound. And I awoke. 

3.3 miles. Running late. 



Days 4 through 9 were fine. One day I came upon two deer up to their kneecaps in pond water. On another I watched a ferocious whirlpool turn fresh to salt. And then there was the hidden hill of mortality that jumped me on Rt 92. My life expectancy is much reduced. 

Next up… A weekend off for a motorcycle ride with Dad. 

Home with the Moon

The work days are long, nights are short, and mornings early. Day 3 for another 30 mins. 

2.93 miles. 


Fresh from the Garden of Idling

Sorely reaping the sown seeds of slack. 


2.64 miles – 30 mins.  


Stop stop

Finally set an early alarm and got out again for a jog. Enjoyed it so much I bought $10 stop watch. 


Back from my back throwing me back

There was a good reason that vintage microwave oven was still sitting there.

It cost me $5 and a hurt back taking it to the dump. Then I aggravated the pain trying to move a box of files. This all happened Thursday.

By this morning all seems well. Got out for four at five thirty.

Forty degrees of separation

Got out for the run in much cooler temps than came upon us by noon.